Review: Coron Underwater Garden Resort

Akshat Agarwal
2 min readApr 28, 2019


Coron Underwater Garden resort, seen on approach from Coron Town.

This is a pretty chill place for budget travellers. Complete with a laid back cafeteria/restaurant with board games, 3 pet dogs, about a dozen cats, and sea facing over-water villas!

The staff and service here are outstanding and on point, but what shines out brighter than everything else is that since the resort is on an exclusive island, They have a free boat service to and from Coron town! No matter how many times you want to go to town or come back to the island, there’s one smiling boatman always at your service.

The property is in general quite spacious, but the Sea facing Villas did feel a bit cramped. It also provides excellent views of sunrise and sunset.

The politeness and humility of service staff all over Coron are— and I cannot stress this enough — amazing. Very quick kitchen service and notoriously friendly staff.

There is usable grade wifi in the dining area.

However, the good-naturedness of humans does not really say anything about their professional competencies. Do not expect a decent cocktail at the bar here. Who am I kidding, they don’t have a bartender. Try as they may, the staff is not very comfortable with English, and don’t understand things like ‘measure’ or ‘ml’. Also the guy doubling as a bartender those days didn’t know the difference between spirits. When asked about rum was giving us options of scotch, tequilla and vodka.

They don’t have free drinking water, which is kind of ridiculous and disheartening.

The pool was extremely dirty and the lack of a beach makes it hard to rate this resort anything more than ordinary. But given the price, and all things considered, I think this is a good low-budget resort if what you want is a nice place to rest, get quick meals and head off to Coron town for your day trip.



Akshat Agarwal

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