Coron 6Days/5 Nights relaxed trip

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One of the thousand pictures Saniya clicked from the sky
Saniya, looking at the sun set from the infinity pool
The bangka is a widely used Filipino boat generally having two outriggers made of bamboo, to stabilise it in tough tropical waters. Notice the Coron sign on top of the hill in the background.
Panget, the only floating restaurant in Coron, by night.
View of the Karst Topography from the climb en route Kayangan lake. Also Notice the “Parking lot” where all our tourist bangkas are parked.
Snorkeling in the immaculate Kayangan Lake. The coron island group is dotted with numerous fresh water lakes, but only 2 are open to the public. The rest are protected and belong to the indigenous tribes.
Can’t wipe the smiles of people who just snorkelled at Balinsasayaw coral reef
View from our table at the restaurant at Beach 91
A ‘Floating 7-eleven’ selling beer, water and snacks. At the right-back: CYC beach. Mostly if the sun is up, and you’re in waters less than 10m deep, you can see the shadow of your boat at the bottom of the sea.
A basic Filipino breakfast: Rabbitfish, fried egg, garlic rice and soup.
Dos, the friendlier dog, getting too attached to Saniya. Background: Uson Island
Lunch at Pass Island was seafood, rice and lots of fruits. This picture was helping 1 out of 3.
Me, chilling at Pass island after a hearty lunch.
Saniya, ascending, at Pass Island
Heading back to Coron town
Busuanga airport. Behind us: our ride to Cebu



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