Cebu + Oslob 4Days/3Nights trip

Day 1: Fly in

We took a small bombardier plane from Bususanga airport at 5 pm, which would take us to Mactan International Airport in about 75 minutes.

Day 2: Cebu — Oslob — Cebu

Oslob is 130 km south of Cebu city
My one and only underwater photograph so far is potato quality, but you get how close I am to these 15m giants. They have their mouths at the surface because boatmen are feeding them food, leading them along a course for lined-up swimming tourists to see.
Us at the Tumalog Falls, before jumping in
The Cuartel Ruins made using coral stone
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church

Day 3: Relax at Abaca Boutique resort, Mactan

So we were pretty much done with our Trip, now having swam with whalesharks, turtles, cuttlefish and whatnot. But Saniya and I are firm believers in balancing activity with rest, and a vacation is not complete without part of it just lazing around in luxury. So all of Day 3 in Cebu was devoted to pampering ourselves. After an amazing Korean lunch in the city, we headed to the ultra-luxurious resort we had booked for ourselves for our 8th and final night in the Philippines. See full resort review here.

Day 4: Fly out

Had a hearty breakfast at Abaca, took a last swim in the pool, feeling rueful as we always do when holidays are coming to an end. But the time came when it was supposed to, and we left for Cebu airport to get on our flight back to Singapore.



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Akshat Agarwal

Akshat Agarwal

Engineer because I couldn’t make travelling lucrative